Infinitá Prime One Premium Smoothing Treatment 1 Liter

Infinitá Prime One Premium Smoothing Treatment 1 Liter

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Infinitá Prime One Premium Smoothing Treatment 1 Liter

Experience perfect smoothing on all hair types with Prime One Premium. Developed to provide exceptional nutrition and intra-molecular reconstruction, this advanced formula leaves your strands noticeably brighter, and frizz-free and provides an expressive and long-lasting reduction in volume.

Key features:

  1. Perfect Smoothing on All Hair Types: Prime One delivers flawless smoothing results on all hair types, including voluminous, thick, resistant, blonde, colored, and fine hair. No matter your hair texture, Prime One is designed to provide exceptional results.

  2. Excellent Nutrition and Intra-Molecular Reconstruction: Prime One is formulated with a unique blend of nourishing ingredients that deeply penetrate the hair shaft, providing excellent nutrition and intra-molecular reconstruction. This powerful combination leaves your hair noticeably brighter, healthier, and frizz-free.

  3. Expressive and Lasting Volume Reduction: Experience a significant reduction in volume with Prime One. Say goodbye to unwanted bulk and enjoy hair that is beautifully volumized yet perfectly controlled. Prime One offers long-lasting volume reduction that allows your hair to maintain its expressiveness.

  4. Intense Shine and Luminosity: Prime One is formulated to enhance the natural shine of your hair, leaving it with a stunning and intense radiance. Enjoy a luminous and glossy finish that enhances your overall look.

  5. Easy Application and Usage: Prime One is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward to apply. With clear instructions, you can easily incorporate Prime One into your haircare routine and achieve professional-level results from the comfort of your own home.

  6. Versatile Usage: Prime One is not limited to just straightening applications. It can also be used for root retouching, allowing you to target specific areas while respecting the scalp. This versatility makes Prime One a versatile choice for various hair needs.

  7. Hair-Friendly Formulation: Prime One is carefully formulated to prioritize the health and well-being of your hair. It is crafted with high-quality ingredients and takes into consideration the safety and integrity of your strands, ensuring a gentle yet effective treatment.

How to use:

  1. Apply Prime One Thermal Alignment to unwashed hair, starting at the roots and respecting the scalp.

    • For voluminous, thick, and resistant hair, let it act for 60 minutes. Rinse out 70% of the product in the hair.
    • For blonde, colored, and fine hair, let it act for 30 minutes. Rinse out 100% of the product on the strands.
    • For root retouching, concentrate Prime One abundantly at the root, respecting the scalp. With 10 minutes left before rinsing, moisten the hair with a water sprayer and comb it from roots to ends. Allow it to act for another 10 to 15 minutes.
  2. After rinsing, start the brushing process on damp hair, working in thin strands until an intense shine is achieved.

    • Remember, the brushing process defines the smooth structure of the hair.
  3. Flat iron the hair strands at least 10 times each, ensuring they are sealed and have an intense shine.

  4. Finishing: To complete the process, it is recommended to wash the hair after 72 hours. However, if washing on the same day is desired:

    • Return to the sink, rinse out, and remove all excess product, while aligning the strands.
    • Rinse the hair thoroughly.
    • Finish styling as desired.

What's in the product?

1000ml Smoothing Treatment


Experience the premium quality and exceptional performance of Prime One. Unlock the true potential of your hair with its nourishing, smoothing, and volume-reducing benefits, and enjoy a luxurious and stunning look every day.

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